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January 26, 2011
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February 15, 2011
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March 01, 2011
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April 08, 2011
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May 04, 2011
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List of Accepted Papers:

Plenary papers

Approximability of Symmetric Bimatrix Games and Related Experiments
Kontogiannis, Spyros; Spirakis, Paul
LNCS, vol. 6630, pp. 1-20, 2011

Metaheuristic Optimization: Algorithm Analysis and Open Problems
Yang, Xin-She
LNCS, vol. 6630, pp. 21-32, 2011

Polylithic Modeling and Solution Approaches Using Algebraic Modeling Systems
Kallrath, Josef
Optimization Letters

Contributed papers

Convexity and Optimization of Condense Discrete Functions
Tokgoz, Emre; Nourazari, Sara; Kumin, Hillel
LNCS, vol. 6630, pp. 33-42, 2011

Path Trading: Fast Algorithms, Smoothed Analysis,and Hardness Results
van der Zwaan, Gijsbert Ruben Johan; Röglin, Heiko; Berger, André
LNCS, vol. 6630, pp. 43-53, 2011

Hierarchical Delaunay Triangulation for Meshing
Ye, Shu; Daniels, Karen
LNCS, vol. 6630, pp. 54-64, 2011

A Parallel Multi-start Search Algorithm for Dynamic Traveling Salesman Problem
Li, Weiqi
LNCS, vol. 6630, pp. 65-75, 2011

Online Dictionary Matching with Variable-Length Gaps
Haapasalo, Tuukka; Silvasti, Panu; Sippu, Seppo; Soisalon-Soininen, Eljas
LNCS, vol. 6630, pp. 76-87, 2011

Dynamic Arc-Flags in Road Networks
D'Angelo, Gianlorenzo; Frigioni, Daniele; Vitale, Camillo
LNCS, vol. 6630, pp. 88-99, 2011

Efficient Routing in Road Networks with Turn Costs
Geisberger, Robert; Vetter, Christian
LNCS, vol. 6630, pp. 100-111, 2011

On Minimum Changeover Cost Arborescences
Gualandi, Stefano; Galbiati, Giulia; Maffioli, Francesco
LNCS, vol. 6630, pp. 112-123, 2011

Logical Errors Localization Based on Invariants
Daryabari, Mojtaba; Minaei-Bidgoli, Behrouz; Parvin, Hamid
LNCS, vol. 6630, pp. 124-135, 2011

Compressed String Dictionaries
Cánovas, Rodrigo; Claude, Francisco; Navarro, Gonzalo; Martínez, Miguel; Brisaboa, Nieves
LNCS, vol. 6630, pp. 136-147, 2011

Combinatorial Optimization for Weighing Matrices with the Ordering Messy Genetic Algorithm
Simos, Dimitris; Koukouvinos, Christos
LNCS, vol. 6630, pp. 148-156, 2011

Improved Automated Reaction Mapping
Kouri, Tina; Mehta, Dinesh
LNCS, vol. 6630, pp. 157-168, 2011

An experimental evaluation of incremental and hierarchical k-median algorithms
Williamson, David; Nagarajan, Chandrashekhar
LNCS, vol. 6630, pp. 169-180, 2011

Engineering the Modulo Network Simplex Heuristic for the Periodic Timetabling Problem
Goerigk, Marc; Schöbel, Anita
LNCS, vol. 6630, pp. 181-192, 2011

Practical Compressed Document Retrieval
Valenzuela, Daniel; Navarro, Gonzalo; Puglisi, Simon
LNCS, vol. 6630, pp. 193-205, 2011

Influence of Pruning Devices on the Solution of Molecular Distance Geometry Problems
Mucherino, Antonio; Lavor, Carlile; Malliavin, Therese; Liberti, Leo; Nilges, Michael; Maculan, Nelson
LNCS, vol. 6630, pp. 206-217, 2011

An Experimental Evaluation of Treewidth at most Four Reductions
Koster, Arie; Hein, Alexander
LNCS, vol. 6630, pp. 218-229, 2011

A Hub-Based Labeling Algorithm for Shortest Paths on Road Networks
Delling, Daniel; Abraham, Ittai; Goldberg, Andrew; Werneck, Renato
LNCS, vol. 6630, pp. 230-241, 2011

Hierarchy Decomposition for Faster User Equilibria on Road Networks
Luxen, Dennis; Sanders, Peter
LNCS, vol. 6630, pp. 242-253, 2011

Matching in Bipartite Graph Streams in a Small Number of Passes (Extended Abstract)
Kliemann, Lasse
LNCS, vol. 6630, pp. 254-266, 2011

Beyond Unit Propagation in SAT Solving
Kottler, Stephan; Kaufmann, Michael
LNCS, vol. 6630, pp. 267-279, 2011

Designing Difficult Office Space Allocation Problem Instances with MathematicalProgramming
Ulker, Ozgur; Landa-Silva, Dario
LNCS, vol. 6630, pp. 280-291, 2011

Speed Dating: An Algorithmic Case Study Involving Matching and Scheduling
Rutter, Ignaz; Katz, Bastian; Strasser, Ben; Wagner, Dorothea
LNCS, vol. 6630, pp. 292-303, 2011

Experimental Evaluation of Algorithms for the Orthogonal Milling Problem with Turn Costs
de Souza, Cid; de Assis, Igor
LNCS, vol. 6630, pp. 304-314, 2011

A Branch-Cut-and-Price Algorithm for the Capacitated Arc Routing Problem
Martinelli, Rafael; Pecin, Diego; Poggi, Marcus; Longo, Humberto
LNCS, vol. 6630, pp. 315-326, 2011

A Biased Random Key Genetic Algorithm approach for Unit Commitment Problem
Roque, Luís; Fontes, Dalila; Fontes, Fernando
LNCS, vol. 6630, pp. 327-339, 2011

A Column Generation Approach to Scheduling of Periodic Tasks
Thaden, Eike; Althaus, Ernst; Naujoks, Rouven
LNCS, vol. 6630, pp. 340-351, 2011

Fuzzy Clustering the Backward Dynamic Slices of Programs to Identify the Origins of Failure
Vahidi-Asl, Mojtaba; Zareie, Farzaneh; Saeed, Parsa
LNCS, vol. 6630, pp. 352-363, 2011

Listing All Maximal Cliques in Large Sparse Real-World Graphs
Eppstein, David; Strash, Darren
LNCS, vol. 6630, pp. 364-375, 2011

Customizable Route Planning
Delling, Daniel; Pajor, Thomas; Goldberg, Andrew; Werneck, Renato
LNCS, vol. 6630, pp. 376-387, 2011

Efficient Algorithms for Distributed Detection of Holes and Boundaries in Wireless Networks
Schieferdecker, Dennis; Wagner, Dorothea; Völker, Markus
LNCS, vol. 6630, pp. 388-399, 2011

Explanations for the Cumulative Constraint: an Experimental Study
Schulz, Jens; Heinz, Stefan
LNCS, vol. 6630, pp. 400-409, 2011

GRASP with path-relinking for data clustering: a case study for biological data
Silva, Ricardo; Frinhani, Rafael; Mateus, Geraldo; Festa, Paola; Resende, Mauricio
LNCS, vol. 6630, pp. 410-420, 2011

An Iterative Refinement Algorithm for the Minimum Branch Vertices Problem
Silva, Ricardo; Silva, Diego; Mateus, Geraldo; Gonçalves, José Fernando; Resende, Mauricio; Festa, Paola
LNCS, vol. 6630, pp. 421-433, 2011

Generating Time Dependencies in Road Networks
Meinert, Sascha; Wagner, Dorothea
LNCS, vol. 6630, pp. 434-446, 2011

An Empirical Evaluation of Extendible Arrays
Joannou, Stelios; Raman, Rajeev
LNCS, vol. 6630, pp. 447-458, 2011

A Sliding Time Window Heuristic for Open Pit Mine Block Sequencing
Cullenbine, Christopher; Wood, Kevin; Newman, Alexandra
Optimization Letters

Experiments with LAGRASP heuristic for set k-covering
Pessoa, Luciana; Resende, Mauricio; Ribeiro, Celso
Optimization Letters

Algorithm engineering for optimal alignment of protein structure distance matrices
Wohlers, Inken; Rumen, Andonov; Rumen; Klau, Gunnar
Optimization Letters

Recoverable Robust Knapsacks: the Discrete Scenario Case
Büsing, Christina; Koster, Arie; Kutschka, Manuel
Optimization Letters

Sequencing and Scheduling for Filling Lines in Dairy Production
Gellert, Torsten; Höhn, Wiebke; Möhring, Rolf
Optimization Letters

Restart strategies for GRASP with path-relinking heuristics
Resende, Mauricio; Ribeiro, Celso
Optimization Letters

An Exact Algorithm for Side-Chain Placement in Protein Design
Canzar, Stefan; Toussaint, Nora; Klau, Gunnar
Optimization Letters

Generation of Networks with Prescribed Degree-dependent Clustering
Gounaris, Chrysanthos; Rajendran, Karthikeyan; Kevrekidis, Ioannis; Floudas, Christodoulos
Optimization Letters

Identifying Algorithmic Vulnerabilities through Simulated Annealing
Johnson, S. Andrew; Mehta, Dinesh P.; Thurimella, Ramakrishna
Optimization Letters